Immigrant career stories in Finland


Agriculture and Forestry

Being unemployed makes you lazy
Seasonal worker Malu Kalombo

Urbanite in a rural profession
Seminologist Mihraban Namiq


Arts, Culture and Communication

I don’t want to be known as a journalist in just one subject

Journalist–teacher Percy Mashaire

Immigrants have an image

Cultural producer Kitari Mayele


Commercial Employment

Born to survive

Vendor Hong Nguyen

The African touch in business

Tradesman Masally Jagne


Construction Work

Professional skills reduce prejudice

Construction site foreman Leo Nurminen


Craftsmen's Trades

Childhood dreams come true

Dressmaker and businesswoman Daina Rapsa

Design products from recycled materials

Design entrepreneur Adhi Nugraha


Health Care

From a pharmacy in the old days to a modern version

Pharmacist Ljudmila Poljanskaja

I am studying and learning to work

Pharmacy employee, sudent Zana Abrashi

If you cannot speak the language, nobody believes you have the skills

Registered nurse Nezal Mohammed Majid



A permanent job in a dairy

Production supervisor Aleksi Larkine

A relaxed work culture allows you to work independently

Project Manager Chris Luymes

Ten rules for immigrants

Plate welder Vadim Viazov

Working and studying for the better future

Cleaner and evening class student David Osagie


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Working in a multicultural company suits this particular foreigner

Computer programmer Matthew Fitzsimons


Office Work

I organise – I love organising

Secretary Nathalie Alt-Antskog

I study and prepare for organisational changes

Office secretary Rahmie Özcan


Safety and Security

Security know-how from Finland’s neighbouring country

Security guard Andrus Tartu


Service Industries

A change of life

Cleaner Satu Jesenko

I like to be doing things and having lots to do

Hairdresser Precious Toppari

Quiet life and the competition is less fierce

Restaurateur Xian Zhi Jia


Social Services

Children can be damaged following in the footsteps of immigrants

School counsellor Abdulkadir Isak

Getting help through an interpreter is a human right

Interpreter and Interpreting Centre manager Bahar Manuchar


Teaching and Education

One’s own background helps in teaching

Teacher Niina Utso

Spanish through games

Nursery school teacher Marina Santiago


The Natural Sciences

A scientist in the business world

Senior specialist in bioinformatics Stephen Rudd


Transport and Logistics

From research to sorting the post

Mail sorting clerk Corina Ristolainen

You need patience on bus

Bus driver Mahen Galpotthawela


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